The first alcohol-free liqueur : Seedlip

Ben Branson had the idea of distilling non-alcoholic beverages after reading a book on the art of distillation dated 1651 where it appears that it was then mainly used to prepare remedies.
The first thousand bottles that came out of the production unit installed at the Buckinghamshire farm in 2015 were produced in three weeks.
That’s when Selfridges, the luxury supermarket chain, arrived and asked him to have exclusivity on the next delivery.
Then the Ritz contacted him to order some, Ben can barely believe it again, it was just a basic hobby.
A nice hobby outside of his work as a designer, just like his father: “We mainly did branding, the brand image, for companies. I had been itching to launch a brand for a long time, but I had no idea in what field.”
There are three different types of tastes in Seedlip bottles: “and all are so delicious that one really wonders why we should still drink alcohol. “it makes you want to test it !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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