December 20th: discover the “Limon” bar during the “Cognac Cocktail Connexion”

From 21 November 2018 to 24 January 2019, the “Cognac Cocktail Connection” is back for a 6th edition. For the occasion, four evenings will be organised for the general public on the theme: “Cognac & Cocktails” with the participation of four major metropolitan establishments. On Thursday, December 20, we will meet you at the “Limonbar of the Hôtel Marignan on the Champs Elysées. In an exceptional setting, come and discover Cognac revisits.

The Marignan Champs-Élysées hotel is one of those Parisian houses, as luxurious as it is discreet, sheltering behind their golden doors an ideal setting for a refined cocktail break near the most beautiful avenue in the world. Under the leadership of Nathalie Richard since 2004, this former 18th century private mansion was renovated in 2012 thanks to a lover of Swedish design and art deco: the architect Pierre Yovanovitch.

Limon is a bar where you can enjoy refined cocktails in an intimate setting, adorned with well-matched design pieces: a colourful geometric wall, “The Clouds”, designed by the Bouroullec brothers at Kvadrat’s; an XXL bar all in Corian that stars; a suspension of colourful blown glass bubbles above the counter.

Hotel Marignan wanted to extend the artistic experience in cocktail creations with a menu of a thousand and one flavours, created by shaker and barspoon specialists. As for cognac, this local spirit is mixed in original nectars only made to measure based on the essential VSOP, according to the wishes of a multilingual clientele. Cognac Cocktail Connexion is an event eagerly awaited by the bar team, already ready to draw its recipe booklet.

Cognac remains a must among the great cocktail bars of luxury hotels. In the United States, it is one of the most popular spirits and in recent years there has been a process of desacralization. On our side, we seek to use cognac with great respect by combining it with other elements to obtain a subtle and delicate blend. “An evening that promises to be full of flavours.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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