The Maison Martell releases in Asia VSOP Aged in Red Barrels exclusively in Malaysia

The prestigious French cognac brand Martell has launched the new VSOP Red Barrel cognac on the Malaysian market, exclusively ahead of the rest of the Asian continent.

Martell VSOP Red Barrel is distinguished by its aging, which consists in the ageing of the cognac in red oak barrels. This makes the house stand out for its unique ageing process and gives the cognac a very intense expression. In this way the aromas of candied fruits are sublimated.

This is exclusive to the Malaysian and Asian market. The director of Martell Jacques Menier explains that cognac combines very well with hot and spicy food, specifically Chinese cuisine.

Martell describes cognac as a perfect balance distinguished by a blend of delicacy and aromatic power. Perfect for its fruity aromas, Martell recommends tasting Cognac VSOP Red Barrel in his Maracuja Crush cocktail recipe, even if it is perfectly dry or on ice.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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