oldest whisky decanter ever bottled

The oldest whisky ever bottled auctioned for 173,600 HKD

On May 5th Sotheby’s Hong Kong auctioned off the oldest whisky ever bottled. The auction took the sale for granted at 173,600
HKD, about $22,351.11

The prestigious Sotheby’s auction added to the “Distilled | Whisky + Moutai + More” collection a Mortlach 75 Year Old Gordon & Macphail Generations NV whisky.  This whisky, 44.4 abv, bottle #5/100, is the oldest whisky ever bottled.

This auction is considered the largest online sale of alcoholic beverages ever presented by Sotheby’s Hong Kong. And it didn’t hesitate to seduce those interested in whisky with the Mortlach 75 bottle.

The liquid itself comes from Mortlach, a nearly 200-year-old Speyside Scotch that is now owned by Diageo. This bottler was created by Gordon & MacPhail. It is known as “one of the oldest and most revered independent bottlers in the history of Scotch whisky”. One of their trademarks is the maturing of alcohol from the distilleries (many of which no longer exist) in their own casks to create a unique library of liquids. The company previously set an auction record for the oldest whisky in history with its 70-year-old Mortlach.

Mortlach 75 Year Old Tasting Notes

There is a pronounced oily viscosity that we would expect from a Mortlach aged in a sherry barrel.

Sweeter notes emerge on the mid-palate and towards the end.

Distinctive peach and nectarine flavor. Followed by light notes of bitter almond and peach pit.

It also retains a slightly smoky flavor, an interesting twist since the brand is not repeated in the late 60’s.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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