The “Shrub” is back in the bars, what is this mystery ingredient?

The Shrub is a mixture of sweet water, fruit or vegetables, often accompanied by a few spices that are soaked in vinegar. So yes, at first sight a vinegar-based cocktail is not very tempting, and yet it is today the secret ingredient of many bartenders.

The origins of this drink with the strange name go back to the time of the colonies. Back when refrigerators didn’t exist yet. This technique was then used to preserve the fruit during the long crossings. Its particular name comes from the Arabic word “Sharab” which means “to drink”.

The Shrub is a drink that has the advantage of being able to adapt to seasonal fruits and vegetables, which allows bars to vary their menus and cocktails more easily. As good in cocktails (with gin, vodka, tequila) as in mocktails (with still or sparkling water), this forgotten product deserves its return to success.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

Image by WE – Plates 

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