There’s a new gin and it’s from Amazon

Gin and tequila. Two markets in which people venture. This time it’s Amazon’s turn: discover its gin produced and distilled in Birmingham.


“Tovess Single Batch Craft Dry Gin” is Amazon’s new gin. This gin is crafted according to “the strictest quality standards through distillation in a single batch“. Its ABV strength is 41.5%.

Tovess stands out in citrus aromas thanks to its infusion with green lemon and grapefruit shells. This process completes during the single, individual distillation. All ingredients are natural and are produced in a distillery in the West Midlands in Birmingham, England.

The gin exists in 700 cl bottle sold through the Amazon website at a price of 24.99€. You can order with the Amazon Prime option (for service affiliates) for immediate delivery.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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