These are the best-selling spirits brands of 2019

The world’s best-selling brands are featured in a recent analysis by The Spirits Business, based on Euromonitor figures. All the info available here.


These ten brands are the largest spirits brands according to their annual sales. Each year these brands have sold more than one million nine-liter cases. Among the strongest categories is Indian whisky.


Top ten best-selling brands in 2019

Beginning with the rum represented by Bacardi, the brand that despite a decline for 5 years enjoyed a rise of 2%, increasing to 17 million cases. Prior to this figure, they reached 19 million in 2013. This is due in part to the loss of popularity that rum has experienced in recent years. Bacardi is focusing more on the premium market to increase sales.

It is followed by the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker, with a progression of 3.5% in 2018. Figures correspond to 18,300,000 cases in 2017 versus 18,900,000 cases in 2018 respectively.

In Asia, for the first time, Philippine rum Tanduay reaches the mark of 20 million cases in 2018 compared to 19,500,000 in 2017, equivalent to 3.1% growth. This rum brand is the best-selling brand on the Asian continent.

An impressive change in figures, also on the Asian continent, corresponds to two brands deneted by Pernod Ricard. On the one hand, Royal Stag, the Indian whisky brand, which rose from 18,700,000 cases in 2017 to 21,600,000 cases in 2018, an increase of 15.5%. On the other hand, the Imperial Blue brand, which also surpassed 20 million boxes with a 19.3% change from 19 million boxes to 22,700,000 boxes.


The top five brands

5. Emperador Light, the best-selling Filipino brandy with a strong presence in Spain, Mexico and the Philippines.

*25,300,000 cases compared to 27,100,000 in 2017.


4. Smirnoff, vodka remains stable selling at the same pace.

26 million cases in 2018 compared to 26 million cases in 2017.


3. Macdowell Whisky, the Indian whisky that undergoes a 10 % jump between 2017 and 2018, with 26 400 000 cases closed in 2017 and 29 million in 2018.


2. Officer’s Choice, another whisky from India that is positioned as the second best-selling, reaching 34 million cases in 2018 against 32 million in 2017. The brand only progresses but could be surpassed by Whisky Macdowell.


The best-selling spirit of 2019

With incredible performance, Korean soju brand Jinro ranks first as the best-selling spirit of 2019. Its sales reach 78 million cases a year. In 2017, the brand sold 76,800,000 cases, an increase of 1.6%. The brand now enjoys great success abroad while experiencing progress in the Asian country.


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