These are the trends for the best refreshing cocktails this 2019

Seven bartenders gave their opinion to on the trends in the best refreshing cocktails for 2019.

Summer plays a big role and the search for fresher ingredients and lighter blends define a part of the cocktail trend for this year, especially in the warmer season.

These are the trends for the best refreshing cocktails this 2019

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Cucumber Tom Collins

The freshness of cucumber and gin, a drink characteristic of fresh cocktails, will predominate this summer. For Maggie Dandrea, bartender in Hot Tin in Nuevea Orleans, the return of Tom Collins with his cucumber variation. It’s easy, refreshing and fresh. Easy to taste and perfect for the warm climate.


Classic summer cocktails prepared with local seasonal ingredients

A twist on classic cocktails like Margarita is what Jessica Chaves, director of the 960 bar at the Murano Hotel in Winsconsin, is betting on. Adding seasonal ingredients such as red fruits plus fresh herbs such as rosemary and basil will create unique infusions.


Custom Spritzers

Rachel Paulson, Commerson’s bartender in Los Angeles, bets on custom spritz. He says that currently in Los Angeles the Italian cocktail variation is very fashionable. It’s very refreshing. Bars like Margo in Culver City prepare your personalized spritzer with the ingredients you want.


Savory Cocktails

Savory Cocktails is a trend that calls for more recipes with less sugar, so more salty recipes are used. Cocktails with more vegetable ingredients like sage, celeri, will be balanced, light, and refreshing fit well in the summer, says Ava Anderson of Hotsy Totsy Club.


Espresso Martini

Sally Gatza bartender of L.A. Jackson believes that a great return to fashion for this 2019 is the Espresso Martini.


Aquavit Cocktails

The Danish alcohol Aquavit is a spirit for which Kati Fithian (Rider-Hotel Theodore) puts her hopes this year. Classic Tiki cocktails like Zombie or Junglebird with a touch of Aquavit could be featured among summer cocktails, due to its versatility.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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