dont drink and drive

This isn’t just another news, it’s a reminder about drinking responsibly

The amateur mixologist who accidentally set his friends on fire during a party teaches us not only one more news, but a reminder about responsible drinking.

In Canada, Rémy Crête pleaded guilty before Judge Steve Magnan for lighting two friends on fire during a party. The event that took place two years ago on 29 May 2017 was finally closed this year.

It all began on a night when Rémy Crête and his friend Alex Bouchard-Mathurin attended a bar where they watched mixologists prepare cocktails before setting them on fire. They prepared a party at Rémy’s house which was also attended by his girlfriend Émy Perron and other friends.

During the night the three friends drink a lot. At one point Rémy sprayed Alex with vodka, a first time, after which Alex went immediately to rinse in the bathroom. Again Rémy comes with a 94% bottle of alcohol with which Alex sprinkles, who gets up right away. But the second, Alex hears a lighter sound. The fire was instantaneous, Perron rushes on Alex to help put out the fire, which caused burns on her as well. Both suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

After the accident, Rémy’s sentence can be summed up as 9 months in jail for criminal negligence and three years probation. During the trial Rémy states that he did not act intentionally, that he “was only trying to light a cigarette without thinking about the risks involved in the steam of alcohol.

It was an opportunity for Judge Steve Magnan to teach a lesson about the risks associated with alcoholism and unrestrained alcohol consumption. “Drunkenness eliminates inhibitions and often leads to the commission of serious crimes with serious consequences. This is the case in this case“. Magnan wrote.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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