Three reasons to read about mezcal and protection of the traditional production method

Guillaume Jan for Le Figaro in the article Voyage au pays du mezcal (A journey to the land of mezcal) immerses us in the history of mezcal and its exclusive botanicals, the agave.

Here are three reasons to read this article. You will also learn how traditional mezcal production is protected by small producers and why.

  1. Mezcal was long regarded as a cheap eau-de-vie. Today, both in Mexico and internationally, its reputation is growing. And it is becoming an important choice for haute cuisine restaurants, bars and luxury hotels.
  2. Meet Eduardo Ángeles, one of the most important artisan producers who has contributed to the rebirth of the mythical Mexican drink. This character is key in the protection of traditional methods of mezcal production.
  3. Learn about the causes that led local producers to rediscover themselves and to revalue the Mexican spirit drink, not only for Mexico but also for the image of mezcal to mixologists and specialists from all over the world.


Good reading!


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