Flor de Luna, the distillery run by women creators of the XILA liqueur

XILA liqueur is a 100% mezcal-based liqueur created by Flor de Luna distillery, Mexico’s first and only distillery run by women. Read all about it here.

It all started a summer when Hillhamm Salome, 19, decided to take a bartending course. From there the idea was born to create XILA, the mezcal liqueur of chile ancho. Flor de Luna, the distillery, started in 2015 and goes under the concept of boutique distillery.

Salome started creating infusions in her apartment as she always found interest in the spirits creation process, for vodka, rum, tequila, mezcal. So, in pursuing her curiosity, Salome learned besides Edgar Villanueva, from the Edgar Villanueva distillery in Guadalajara. The rest, she learned with books, readings, and of course trial and error.

XILA made it to the SIP Awards. Its participation in the 2016 edition of the International Spirits Competition earned it a gold medal. This boosted her confidence to produce much more XILA liquor and start distributing in Mexico.

Beyond the unique taste of XILA, Salome decided that their product should be organic. Both in ingredients and in preparation. In fact, instead of firewood and charcoal it uses a solar distiller. XILA’s feminine expression goes further, and Salome’s interest in respecting the image of women begins when the brand’s producers, ambassadors and distributors are women.


The XILA product line

Salome comments to Entrepreneur.com, “There was already a product of chile ancho, but it was based on cane alcohol. It was when I decided to create Xila, which in addition to ancho chile contains lavender, jamaica, pineapple, clove and cinnamon, which gives it a very special touch.”

In addition to XILA 7 notes agave liqueur, Flor de Luna also produces a lavender liqueur and a lychee liqueur, as well as four bitters: Fourth Season, Café de Olla, Xila and Tea Mix.




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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