Top 10 award-winning alcohol bottle designs

Several categories of bottles, from Scotch whisky to gin, from aquavit to absinthe, were awarded for the quality of their bottles during the “Design & Packaging Masters” holiday.

Sexton’s Single Malt Irish Whisky
The judges were impressed by its “innovative look”, characterized by a play of copper-black and black colours and a “powerful typography”.

Rum Rathlee
This rum won praise for its “whimsical illustration” that communicated the “captivating story” of a rum distilled in Latin America and aged in Cornwall, England.

Absinthe de Morveren
The expression was praised for “bringing its history and concept to life” with a “beautiful dreamlike design”. Bottled at 66%, the bottle’s packaging tells the story of the Zennor Morveren mermaid, a popular tale from Cornwall.

Salcombe Gin “Mischief
Considered “exceptional” by a judge, this gin in a white ceramic bottle has a raised contour of the emblematic gin flag and a custom stamped copper cap.

Glenfiddich Winter Storm
Presented in a white ceramic bottle and a stamped presentation box, Winter Storm is part of the Glenfiddich experimental series and was finished in Canadian ice wine barrels.

Neptune Rum
A master medal was awarded to the “bizarre” Neptune rum, whose design reflected the “artisanal” production of the liquid in the bottle.

Dewar’s 25 Years The Signature
At 25 years of age, Bacardi’s Dewar’s The Signature, owned by Bacardi, was considered by a judge to be a “master class in the field of packaging”.

Sonoma Brothers Vodka Sonoma Brothers
It has an elegant round finish, which is not common in these kinds of bottles.

Colorado 291 barrel rye whiskey
“It’s not perfect, but it’s good. It clearly communicates know-how and works perfectly in the American whisky category – you can imagine it slipping along a Western bar” according to a judge.

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