Trois-Rivières rum combined with Sturia caviar is a must

In an exclusive interview, Cyrille Chevrillon, president of the rum brand “Trois Rivières”, announced a food pairing with the exceptional products,Trois-Rivières remand Sturia caviar.The combination between the white ocean rum and the Bordeaux caviar Sturia are quite stunning say’s Cyrille Chevillon. “The harmony between the two products are exceptional, the iodine scents of the sturgeon eggs are enhanced by the rum,”explains Cyrille Chevillon.
This new collaboration is the second of its kind undertaken by Trois Rivières. Previously, the rum brand had partnered with Joël Dupuch, a famous oyster farmer and restaurateur.

Trois-Rivières rum combined with Sturia caviar is a mustTrois Rivières Cuvée de l’Océan rum is made from the pure juice of sugar cane. The notes on the palate are mineral, iodine and salty: referring to its evocative sweet name.

Sturia caviar is composed of grains 2.7 mm in diameter, with a fine anthracite to golden brown skin. Its length in the mouth and its notes of hazelnuts are reminiscent of the osciometer, a sturgeon produces a caviar of the same name. Sturia is considered one of the best caviars in the world.


Do not drink and drive. Consume in moderation.