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Welsh whisky is fast rising up worldwide: The industry is set to be worth almost US$96 billion by 2026

The whisky market is expected to reach a value of $96 million by 2026. Read more here.

Source: Penderyn Distillery / The Welsh Whisky Company

Wales is facing an international explosion of its spirit: Welsh whisky. This spirit is experiencing rapid growth worldwide and is attracting the interest of passionate drinkers.

According to recent reports of global whisky sales, this market could be worth as much as $96 billion by 2026.. Such success is due in part to international distilling names resonating in recent years. Consequently, Wales is looking to expose popular whisky bottlings and brands.

It is at this time of great opportunity that Penderyn whisky, from South Wales, is making its entry into the market. Currently, the award-winning brand is at the forefront of an explosion of interest. In 2020 they won Double Gold Medals for their Peated Single Malt whisky at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Penderyn hopes to bring their brand to the forefront and represent Welsh whisky around the world thanks to the current success of the category.

For Penderyn, whisky sales currently appear to be holding steady despite significant changes in global “normality” in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Part of his adaptation was to move to online sales and virtual tastings. A way for fans of the brand to continue to enjoy their whisky from the safety of their home.


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