You can join Fever Tree mixer’s campaign to fight malaria by raising a glass

World Malaria Day is this Thursday 25th and to join the fight against the disease you can participate in Fever Tree mixer’s social media campaign with the hashtag #MalariaMustDie.

With over 5000 posts already on social media Instagram, Fever Tree encourages equally Twitter and Facebook users to post a photo tagging Fever Tree’s social media account for the “Raise Your Glass and End Malaria” campaign. For very post the mixer company will donate £5  to charity Malaria No More.

The campaign runs from April 22 to 31 may.

Fever Tree mixing company has been working with the charity Malaria No More since 2013. This narrow relationship between the company and the charity has helped raised near £3 billion through a summit hosted by both last 2018. During the summit a number of institutions made financial, political and scientific commitments for this matter. Also, 53 commonwealth nations made a commitment to reduce malaria cases in the political community over the next five years.

And Fever Tree is not just involved for no reason at all. The link between the mixing drink and malaria is more narrow that we can imagine. Quinine is a core ingredient of tonic water that can be used for treating malaria.

So, shall we raise a glass to end malaria?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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