France. Grands Corps Malade – J’ai mis des mots

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In this song the words sparkle like champagne! This is what Fabien Marsaud or Grand Corps Malade tell us in their song J’ai mis des mots from the album Funambule released in 2013 by Anouche Productions.

This rap whose lyrics are by Fabien Marsaud and Ibrahim Maalouf and performed by Grand Corps Malade, is accompanied by a fairly flowy rhythm, with a harmonica that wanders between lines and verses (and that stars the finale), a funk guitar and a bass that never gives up its rhythmic beat section. Fabien’s particularly deep voice creates bass and uniformity without being tedious.

Grand Corps Malade gives us a lesson in vocabulary with its lyrics, rhymes that rhyme perfectly though not always with the same syllables, worthy of a genius and in this way, he puts words into its theme as its title announces. We recommend this song, a French classic played by an author with potential.


France. Grands Corps Malade - J'ai mis des mots

Funambule – Grand Corps Malade  © 2013


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