Dos Santos group: discovering their song “Logos”

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Hailing from Chicago, latin punk fusion with jazz and cumbia Dos Santos band, have just released their debut album Logos, out through International Anthem label.

The band represents the best of the latest latin rock with traits of blend from the last decade. Bands such as Grammy Award Winners La Vida Boheme, the classic Café Tacuba, or Zoé, and even Mint Field -who has created great buzz with their latest album- to name a few, and not to compare but rather to remind.

Logos is a track that best represents, -to us- the band’s latin origin, starting with their lyrics completely sung in Spanish. The song features latin and afro beats while blending with hypnotising touches of synth in the best retro style. Trumpets make their part adding a jazzy touch. But the appealing part is the combination of seventies sounds -reminds us of Chicago’s 25 Or 6 To 4- with modern and progressive touches.

Dos Santos creates music with passion and moves one step forward in the avant garde genres. One of the band’s strongest suit is their mixed musical interest residing in each of their members, as they state ‘range of styles—including jazz, R&B/soul, traditional Mexican folk, punk, cumbia, salsa, and electronica—’.

Don’t forget to see them live in if you are in Washington next July 13th at the Dupont Underground. And why not honour the band’s origin from Mexico learning to craft a Midday in Oaxaca cocktail?

Dos Santos group: discovering their song "Logos"

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