J’ai deux amours cocktail by Simone Mina

We present Simone Mina, an Italian bartender. He is the head of the bar at CH 18 87 in Rome specialising in cocktails, a place which cannot be classified in any existing category and which involves the client as an ingredient in a collective experience.

Simone Mina is also European Brand Ambassador for Botrán Ron Añejo. He shared with Spirits Hunters his signature recipes, among which we chose J’ai Deux Amours.


J’ai deux amours cocktail

J'ai deux amours cocktail by Simone Mina


7 cl Gray Goose Vodka
1,5 cl dry white wine macerated with cinnamon roses and dried lime
Crusta of crystallized powder with sweet rose petals


Using a lime, crust half of the glass with the crystallized rose petal; Pour the whole ingredient into a mixing glass, mix well until well cooled and diluted; pour into a martini glass and garnish with a dried rose bud.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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