Nojoch cocktail by Francisco Bustamante

Mexican bartender Francisco Bustamante shared his career and his signature cocktail with us, the Nojoch cocktail, with which he honours his Mexican roots and Mayan culture.

My name is Francisco Bustamante Leonardo. I am a Mixologist from the city of Mexico who lives in the Caribbean, I have 8 years of career in the bar! I currently work as ambassador and mixologist of Berima Mx which is a company dedicated to share the knowledge of Mexican artisanal distillates. It is a pleasure and an honor for me to share my work with the whole world

This is my favorite cocktail! His name is Nojoch, which in Mayan means “Great”. The cocktail is inspired by the greatness of the Mexican distilled, in the greatness of our culture, the greatness of the hearts of Mexicans to share our roots with the world! the pink Mexican color of the bougainvillea is the emblematic touch of our botanica and the color that it does not define. Thank you very much and I hope you can share this cocktail with the world.


Nojoch Cocktail

Nojoch is a fresh blend of mezcal with hints of lavender and herbal aromas of basil, bugambilia and coriander.

Nojoch cocktail by Francisco Bustamante


Green lemon juice 1.5 oz

Agave honey 05.oz

Mint tincture with coriander sends and basil leaves

Ancestral Mezcal Coyote nakawe 1.5 oz

Garnish Leaves of Bugambilia

2 dash of lavender bitter julep

Technique: Hurricane Cup

Glass: Poco Grande


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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