Burak-Kapson-tears of happiness

The Tears of Happiness cocktail by bartender Burak Kapson

Meet Burak Kapson, a bartender from Turkey, known in his region and abroad, at the Black & Gold Cocktail Lounge in Kalkan. He shares the Tears of Happiness signature cocktail.

At Spirits Hunters we asked Kapson to share with us his favorite signature cocktail recipe, for which he showed us, among many others, the Tears of Happiness. A blend of Tanqueray gin, vanilla liqueur, homemade ginger syrup, lemongrass syrup, lime and egg white.


Tears of Happiness

Tears of happiness-Burak Kapson


10.5 cl Tanqueray

1.5 cl Vanilla liqueur

2.5 cl Homemade ginger syrup

2 cl Lime

1.5 cl Lemongrass syrup

Egg white


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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