Volare cocktail by bartender Mattia Ria

Mattia Ria is a bartender and the owner of the Blind Pig bar in Rome, Italy.

Mattia shared with Spirits Hunters his signature recipe, a cocktail named Volare. Volare is a Twist on Classic of an aviation, volare in italian means “to fly”.

At the Blind Pig, “Drink mixed through five hundred labels of spirits, gourmet pizza tasting, from aperitif, through dinner until late at night.” You can find Mattia at Via La Spezia 72, in Rome.

Here is the recipe for this italian cocktail.

Volare Cocktail recipe

Volare cocktail by bartender Mattia Ria


On the ingredients for the Volare cocktail we have, gin infused in mauve and violet flowers, lemon, water cucumber and lemongrass homemade syrup.

Mix the ingredients in a shaker. Shake! Serve, and garnish with a lemon round.

Taste and cheers!

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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