Coming Soon a new bartender competition: Spirits Hunters Vodka World Competition

Spirits Hunters brings the Spirits Hunters Vodka World Competition! On Instagram bartenders will make a vodka cocktail tutorial with your brand.

Various vodka brands will participate with their bartender to become the winner of the competition with the Best Vodka Cocktail.


Spirits Hunters Vodka World Competition©

1. Each brand involved in the competition is challenged to participate with the bartender of their choice by creating a cocktail tutorial with their vodka.

2. Each brand sends its cocktail tutorial video to Spirits Hunters.

3. Spirits Hunters posts the videos on Instagram @spiritshunters_mag and bartenders will be voted on Instagram.

-Using original glassware


-No more than 4 ingredients

-Using Autumn / Winter seasonal ingredients from your country

4. The best three cocktail tutos are selected and participate in the grand final in which the cocktails will be recreated by a professional bartender and judged by a professional jury.

5. The best bartender / cocktail / brand of the competition wins a grand prize of 1000 euros


What brand gets with our competitions:

Your brand gets visibility around the world through our media + newsletter + social media.

Your brand will be seen in 180 countries. You will be the sole representative of your country with your spirit.

The content of your brand on covered In 5 languages. Published on the web / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Newsletter.

You will be seen by a major community of mixologists.

You will be seen by a major community of distributors from all over the world.

You will be seen by a major community of spirits enthusiasts.

You will have brand content on with Click and Buy linked to your e-shop.

You should also know that during the entire competition period we record a 30% increase in new visits to in one month.

On our social media :

  • + 21% spike.
  • +10k videos views.
  • 26 000 impressions
  • 23 000 reach


-Where? Around the world in 180 countries

-Period: 1 month and a half

-When: coming soon.

-Cost: 800€ admission ticket (participation in the competition with a brand content published on + 600€ for a boost in the country of your choice.


Get in touch with:
Nathalie Baylaucq


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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