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La Part des Anges: Presentation of the Meukow cognac decanter, by Céline Coste-Viard

From the charm of glass specimens and the symbolism attached to it arose the cognac decanter by Meukow for La Part des Anges. Even if it is not very obvious to anyone who is savoring it, the cognac has a report at the time soul-stirring. And this, because for a cognac to be born, it takes time.

The vintages and crus are the genesis of the work of all cognac maker. Wrap them in glass specimen and hang them, is a way to create a timeless bubble, as if we stop for a moment the work of one making cognac. That’s why this lot has been called the suspended time. Everything take place in the suggestion: steel circle symbolizes the shape of the barrel in which the glass specimen are dived in order to collect the cognac. And here they are, these specimens, containing all crus and different vintages in an effort to symbolize time suspended.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.