Video. Le Courvoisier presents an exceptional cognac for La Part Des Anges in the Essence N°8 decanter

An exceptional cognac, an exceptional eau-de-vie, contained in the Courvoisier’s Essence N°8 decanter. This precious object was presented at the cognac auction for La Part des Anges 2018.

Dimitri Jamain is responsible for Heritage sales and market relations at Maison Courvoisier. He presented the Essence decanter, which contains a brandy selected by Patrice Pinet, the Cellar Master for Courvoisier. The top-of-the-range Essence decanter is a revisited version that highlights the eau-de-vie it contains, which also has a very special character.

The Essence N°8 decanter and its exceptional brandy is an immersion experience.

Le Courvoisier, worthy of a brand served at the inauguration of the Eifffel Tower in 1889. Combining old techniques and new technologies, the production of Courvoisier® cognac illustrates the delicate marriage of art and science.

Le Courvoisier®.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.