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Meeting with Jack Daniels assistant master distiller

Chris Fletcher has been working with Jack Daniels since 2001. Chemist by background, he is currently assistant master distiller of the brand. In this video, he shares his professional experience and also tells an anecdote about the first time he tasted Jack Daniels. Chris reveals that it was his grandmother who introduced him to this whiskey.

As assistant master distiller, Chris Fletcher masters the Jack Daniels manufacturing process to perfection. He recognizes that for generations, the brand has kept its identity and know-how. These qualities are passed on to those involved in the spirits distillation process. Chris is proud to be implicated in creating what he sees as the best whiskey in the world. In the interview, Chris also mentions Jack Daniel, the founder of the distillery who has dedicated his life to the development of whiskey. A commitment that has helped to give the brand, the prestige we know.


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