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What is a Cognac VSOP? Cognac Lesson #2 with Luc Merlet

Luc Merlet, of liqueurs Merlet, a family distillery specialized in cognac and other liqueurs established since 1850 in France, shows us the main characteristics of a cognac VSOP.


What is a VSOP cognac?

Previously, we learned about Cognac VS. Now, let’s talk about the properties of a VSOP cognac.

First of all, you need to know that VSOP cognac main characteristic is they are a blend of different cognacs. These have aged for a minimum of four years, and the youngest of these VSOP blend of cognac is taken into account, which is four years of age.

The sophistication of the spirit

It is important to note the area source of the cognacs, whether it is Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne or Fin Bois. These factors will give the sophistication trait to the cognac. The more higher rated the area, the more sophisticated.

The aging

VSOP cognac can differ in aging. Starting from four years, to six years (simpler VSOP cognac), to even four, 10 and 15 years of age (more sophisticated).


In the next edition of the cognac lessons by Luc Merlet, we will present the cognac XO.

About Merlet :

The Merlet adventure dates back to the 18th century, when the family already devoted itself to viticulture. Then, in 1850, Firmin and Vivien Eugène Merlet installed their first still near the village of Saint Sauvant, in Saintonge, and started distilling. They become distillers of their own harvest. It was with Edouard that the family began to supply the great cognac houses, such as Hennessy. Guy Merlet then continued the family business and expanded the distillery.


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