If you want to lengthen the life of your narcissus, immerse them in vodka

Who would have thought? If you want to extend the life of narcissus you must immerse them in vodka, an expert advice.

The narcissus is a typical Christmas flower, as soon as the season arrives, many houses decorate their Christmas atmosphere with it. Many of us buy the plant ready to bloom. Others, however, plant from the beginning. To avoid disappointing you after so much work and losing it so quickly, gardening and botany expert James Wong has the solution.


Vodka for your flowers

Now, although we know that alcohol itself is not beneficial to plants, James Wong proposes a vodka cocktail recipe that will bring a benefit to your narcissus. With the right solution the bulbs will not suffer damage in their smell, size or quantity, only the length of the stems will be affected.


The recipe

1 part vodka (40% alcohol)

7 parts water

Mix the two parts. We’ll get a 5% alcohol solution, which is within the recommended range of 4-6%. Never go over this percentage, as it will kill the plant. You must replace the water of the flower with this “cocktail” when the shoots reach 5 cm. Voilà!


You can use more generally the vodka for the plants. It will help to kill the bacteria that shorten their life. And among other things, this is not the only benefit vodka brings, it also helps beautify the hair by bringing more shine to it. Who would have thought?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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