How architects experienced quarantine: whisky, zoom and watercolours

In an article by Architectural Digest a group of architects tell how they survived the quarantine. Among their instruments of survival: whiskey.

This group of prestigious architects and good friends, connected every Sunday to ZOOM to paint and taste whisky. From different cities, New York, Chicago, San Antonio and Washington D.C., each one raised their glass and brushes in the group called The Whisky Watercolor Club.

How architects experienced quarantine: whisky, zoom and watercolours

The group of friends is initially based on five architects who shared a residence in England last October. Since they started their virtual meetings, several architect friends asked to join.

“We have had many colleagues and friends, and even true artists, who have asked to join us, but we have feared that the unique balance and chemistry would be disrupted. Or even worse, that they would take everything too seriously. Says Micheal Imber, from Michael G. Imber Architects.

The group had planned a trip in March, but the virus explosion put a damper on the plan. So now the group began painting scenes from past trips they’ve taken together. Then they formalized the session by painting the same scene to share critiques, compare, and learn.

“Since the isolation, we’ve been to Provence, Tuscany, Venice, Devon, Cape Town, and many closer destinations,” says Ankie Barnes of Barnes Vanze. “Our brushes and paper are our wings, whisky is our jet fuel. Ready for take-off!”

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