Whisky, a favourite choice of London bartenders and distilleries

In the city of London, whisky seduces bartenders and distilleries in its creations, an element of preference for innovation.

In order to make whisky more flexible and less rigid, London bartenders work on attractive whisky-based creations. Making whisky the trend of the moment involves pop-up events in the city, recelebrations of Burns Night and private tastings.

Distilleries, both established and new, are working on new creations. One of the recent creations is Allta from Glenmorangie, a unique wild yeast whisky. Newer ones such as the East London Liquor Company produce a London Rye handcrafted whisky in their custom hand-made Arnold Holstein copper stills. Distilleries formerly devoted to vodka or gin join the whisky world in challenging the gin fever.

Innovative artifacts also invade London bars. In fact, bars such as Brigadiers have a whisky dispensing machine.

While the gin boom continues, with its unpublished flavors and developing micro distilleries, the latter also seek to create whisky, a drink that, ‘cmon, will never go out of style.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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