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This is what the new Horse Soldier whiskey distillery in Kentucky looks like

Horse Soldier whiskey distillery have unveiled the design of their new home in Kentucky to welcome bourbon drinkers from across the country.

Horse Soldier is an American bourbon and whiskey distillery founded in 2015 by a group of Green Berets, American soldiers who fought in Afghanistan in 2001.

Better known as Horse Soldier Farms, the new distillery will take place in Somerset, Kentucky, and is shaping up to be a new stop along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners have been tasked with bringing the unique look of the Horse Soldier whiskey distillery to life. It is worth noting that the distillery has been known to entrust this work to experts, in fact, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners also worked for The Macallan’s distillery. In both projects they used wood and carved angles, thus incorporating themselves into the surrounding landscape.

Included in the complex will be a replica of America’s Response Memorial, a bronze statue dedicated to U.S. Special Forces. The statue will be located in a water garden including design elements that echo the World Trade Center.

In addition, when completed, the distillery will include event spaces and a lodge where travelers can book a stay, perfect for spiritualism.

Photo credit: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners


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