glenmorangie a tale of cake

Glenmorangie sparkles with sweetness with A Tale of Cake

A Tale of Cake from Glenmorangie is a limited edition created by Whisky Creation Director Dr Bill. We tell you more about this delight.

A Tale of Cake by Glenmorangie is a whisky inspired by warm family memories. Dr Bill reminds him of a pineapple cake made by his daughter and memories cooking with his grandmother in her kitchen. A Tale of Cake recreates this family warmth, the magic of creating a good sweet… A classic Glenmorangie Single Malt finished in Tokaji dessert wine casks.


Tasting Notes

Fruit reigns supreme in this edition, with passion fruit, peach, pear and mango on the nose, leading to some umami notes; think freshly baked bread a touch of mineral. More decadent notes (typical of Glenmorangie_ follow with honeycomb, vanilla and almond, a bit of milk chocolate, with white chocolate, apricot and almond on the palate. There is a burst of citrus and mint, which is a refreshing surprise.

Finish: Lingering, with a honey cake, chocolate almond and pecan nuts.

How to taste: A splash of water is best, but it can also be drunk dry. Icing, perhaps, is not the smartest route if you want to really let yourself be carried away by the warm, baked notes.

What to pair it with: As the name suggests, it goes best with a piece of cake. We recommend a not-too-creamy variant; something like a loaf of honey and walnuts or a pound of lemon would go great with it.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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