$ 1.1 million auction-sold whiskey: an exceptional event watched by Macallan’s lovers

The auction deals with the Macallan Valerio Adami whiskey bottle. Bottled in 1986, the liquor was nearly 100 years old. Its date of creation goes back even further, in 1926. The event scheduled for October 3rd of 2018 in Edinburgh attracts a crowd of enthusiasts and whiskey lovers.

The view point of various people clearly explain the interest granted to the trade. Martin Green, whiskey specialist at The Press and Journal, says: “Its exceptional scarcity and quality place it in a class of its own, and the greatest collectors of whiskey all over the world will wait patiently for many years till a bottle be put on the market.”

Other attendees, like Elma Smit, presentator of Jacaranda FM, hope to have the chance to taste this whiskey that values $ 1.1 million. We can easily imagine that many people will flock to Bonham to discover this drink, presented as “the Holy Grail of whiskey”. Finally, the bottle was sold to an asian buyer.



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