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The Dictador reveals its limited series of rum made with Tokaji, The Two Masters

The Dictador, premium Colombian rum, has partnered with the prestigious Hungarian wine estate Royal Tokaji to release a limited edition.

Today, after eight exceptional collaborations with houses like Hardy Cognac and even the champagne Leclerc Briant, The Dictador presents its latest edition made with the Hungarian winery Royal Tokaji. The project was born from the idea of partnering with prestigious wine and spirit houses from around the world to produce a unique rum.

The master rum maker Hernán Parra assured the invitation of each of these prestigious producers. His goal, to ensure the best possible finish of the Colombian rum. This time. Two Masters is the product of this experience between Hernán Parra and Zoltan Kovacs, General Director of Royal Tokaji.

Royal Tokaji, the prestigious Hungarian wine estate offered the best possible finish for The Dictador’s rum thanks to its barrels. “The matured rums finished in our barrels are a perfect combination because the wine in the barrel opens the rum and at the same time gives it an impressive character”. Zoltan Kovacs said.

The uniqueness of Royal Tokaji is due to three elements: the geographical location, the volcanic origin and the fabulous climate of the Mézes Mály area. For its part, The Dictator, brought a part of the small lots of rum preserved by Hernán Parra’s grandfather to be used in the future.


Why Two Masters?

To launch a very old rum of 40 years, The Dictador wanted to find the singularity. Hernán Parra says they wanted to do something different from the usual. On the one hand, the intention to provide a finish from different barrels. And on the other hand, to have a new geographical location and a new winemaking master. These elements would bring about the most important element, singularity. “We want our customers to be part of an exceptional product“. Parra said.

For this collaboration, Hernán Parra sent 10 barrels of his 1977 vintage rum to the Real Tokaji estate in Hungary, where it was aged for seven months in its 13th century cellars in 14-year-old Zemplén oak barrels containing Real Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos 2016, and 6 different Aszú vintages for 12 years.


Tasting notes

Hernán Parra comments that he was impressed by the freshness of the fruit that Royal Tokaji brought to Two Masters. The original note of The Dictador remained but changed from the moment of bottling.


Basic notes:

-Dark chocolate raisins,

-of the old rum along with oak and carbonized tobacco and a little dryness (This dryness is Dictator’s signature).


Also, the Rum is rich with a tremendous number of layers:

Nose: complex and rich with hints of tropical fruits and a very pleasant rum finish at the end.

Mouth: very elegant, balanced, smooth and rich. Good attack and persistent finish. Round, complex, fruity with the fresh touch of the Royal Tokaji 2016 edition.


The Dictator Two Masters is available in limited lots with a production of 500.


The Dictador:

Royal Tokaji:

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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