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The best bottles of baijiu to offer your guests

We show you some of the best bottles of baijiu, the most popular liquor in the world. In 2017 alone, they sold 10.8 billion liters.


The best time to taste baijiu is now

Why? Although many countries in the world are unfamiliar with drinking. Certainly baijiu has a very particular taste that the Western palate finds a little difficult. In fact, most of the baijiu sold in the world has been in China. We are living in a time of exacerbated popularity of the baijiu and that we can easily find. Or easier than before.

There are places where, however, the passion for this Asian drink flourishes.

In an article by Sarah Brumble, the editor tells the story of how in one restaurant in the United States, all the highest quality baijiu had been sold out. Brumble no doubt thought what could have happened?

The popularity of this drink is growing and that’s why we show you some of the best bottles of baijiu you can offer your guests. Nowadays, baijiu is no longer seen as a drink for the elderly, and this is thanks to its diversification to the creation of cocktails.

Baijiu is a sorghum-based alcohol with a lot of fragrance in the nose, but with a smooth and clear taste in the mouth, something like gin or vodka. It is usually drunk dry in bowls or mixed with ginger ale or orange juice. If you opt for baijiu shots, be careful, they are usually very powerful.


The best baijiu bottles

-Moutai and Wu Liang Ye

These brands are the main ones. Moutai and Wu Liang Ye Produce a baijiu that attacks your palate quickly with defined and floral expressions with high alcohol content, up to 72%.



A younger and rapidly developing brand in the new world of the baijiu. It contains an alcohol level of 40% and a more flavorful range of baijiu, aimed at a younger audience. Jiangxiaobai is a baijiu brand that seeks to revolutionize the way we drink it, promoting the creation of cocktails.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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