Canada’s best new bars include two Montreal bars

Air Canada’s En Route magazine has unveiled its list of Canada’s best new bars, including two bars in Montreal.

The bars have been chosen by cocktail experts such as Katherine Boushel of Montreal’s Atwater Cocktail Club, one of Canada’s best bars. Journalists and writers also participated in the selection.


Montreal’s best bars

Montreal’s Best New Bars are the Vietnamese Nhau Bar located in the old city of Montreal, ranked fourth. It is a place that offers fusion, and in addition, a direct food menu from the restaurant on its second floor, the Hà. Then, in eighth position is El Pequeño, whose name bears it well as it is the smallest bar in the city. It offers classic Cuban cocktails (Mojito, Cuba Libre) or others like Sequito or Hemingway Daiquirí whose ingredients are secret!

Other bars on the Best New Bars list are: Dartmouth’s bar, The Watch That Ends The Night in first place, Mulberry Bar (better known as the wine bar) in second place and Little Hong Kong bar in third place. This list is certainly another good reason to visit Montreal and Canada on your next vacation. Find out the complete list at


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