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Classic cocktails are all the rage at The Dash, Madrid

Classic cocktails will never go out of fashion, and at The Dash they know how to keep cocktail aficionados regulars of these drinks.

Madrid bar The Dash harks back to ancient times, think 1920s, 1908, 1900 and even 1825… classic dark cocktails, as we call them: Ford Cocktail, Bijou, Bamboo, Luici, Hanky Panky….

The Dash was opened in 2016 by Ruben de Gracia, bartender and owner with his partner, former Dry Bar of Alberto Martinez.

In The Dash we are passionate about classic cocktails. A cocktail bar where the really important thing is the distillate with which you work and the rest of the ingredients do not mask too much the main distillate that, for us, is the soul of each cocktail. We have an interesting menu but we faithfully believe in the experience and professionalism of our bartenders to find the ideal drink for each of our customers.

Other classic cocktails of The Dash that seduce us are the Rose, a cocktail with French vermouth, kirsch and Monin syrup. Also, the pungy cognac cocktail Stinger (cognac/creme de menthe).

Rubén García reveals to El Confidencial that the popularity of the Old Fashioned was also one of the catalysts that pushed him to open the bar. “I didn’t know there were so many customers drinking Old Fashioned, for example. People were also ordering Vespers and a lot of Margaritas, obviously without sugar.

Don’t miss your chance to taste classic cocktails at The Dash.



C/ de Murillo, 5, 28010 Madrid, Spain



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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