best speakeasy bars in Buenos Aires - mejores speakeasy de buenos aires

Shortlist: The 3 best speakeasy bars in Buenos Aires

We transport you to the best speakeasy bars in Buenos Aires where mixology and elegance adjoin the so called “Paris of South America”.

Recommended by Air France Magazine


3 best speakeasy bars in Buenos Aires

Discover the secret world of clandestine Argentinean bars…


Nicky Harrisson Speakeasy

The multi-award winning speakeasy is a blend of elegance, vintage ambience, jazz and swing music, and excellent cocktails and food. Located somewhere in Buenos Aires ;), Harrison Speakeasy is a high-end clandestine bar, known as one of the best speakeasy bars in Buenos Aires.

According to Air France Magazine, expert mixologist Seba García recommends tasting the Tokyo cocktail. A combination of gin infused with hibiscus, sake, rosemary syrup, lemon and angostura bitters.

Cocktail recommendation #2: The SASSY: Brandy, Simple syrup, Absinthe, Grand marnier liqueur.

Okay, you’ve come this far, so you’ve earned the address.

Back room of Nicky New York Sushi. Malabia 1764, Palermo

Bar Presidente

Part of the World’s 50 Best Bars, Bar Presidente is a very fashionable place in Buenos Aires. Like Nicky Harrisson, President is also directed by Seba Garcia. The atmosphere of the site perfectly recreates the ancient speakeasy environment.

Cocktail recommendation: Amado Castelar Tropical, a sweet and fruity cocktail made with Sernova vodka, passion fruit, grapefruit and green tea.

Avenida Presidente Manuel Quintana 188, Buenos Aires

Florería Atlántico

Another one in the 50 World’s Best Bars. Florería Atlántico registers a different atmosphere to that of Presidente Bar and Nicky Harrisson.

Its decoration and style pay tribute to the immigrants who arrived in Argentina with the drinks of their countries, and also the liquors brought by the criollos.

The cocktail menu is led by one of the city’s best mixologists, Renato Giovannoni.

It is worth mentioning that the bar celebrated its festival “Festival Atlántico” receiving renowned bartenders such as Joe Schofield, José Luis León, Nikos Bakoulis, among others.

Cocktail recommendation: the Gentedeleste, Pülku pear, apple, raspberry and elderberry cider, elderberry nectar, Rosehip Apostles, China Mülle red fruit vinegar.

Arroyo 872, Retiro, Buenos Aires


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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