mejores bares en santiago de chile - bars in Santiago de Chile

The best bars in Santiago de Chile

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If you are looking for good bars in Santiago de Chile, we have a list for you to visit the best bars in the city.

We have gathered five bars in the city for you to discover the city’s cocktail culture.


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Room 09

A speakeasy style bar, -clandestine- in the heart of Bellavista neighborhood. It is a hotel bar on the ninth floor of the Tinto Boutique Hotel. Access to the bar is open, unlike before when you had to taste in restaurant 040 or be a member.

It should be noted that Room 09 has been Best Bar in Chile 2017-18-19, according to Condé Nast.

Room 09. Open Tuesday to Thursday from 8pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 3am.


Siam Thai Bar

Located on Italia Avenue, Siam is one of the best bars in Santiago de Chile to grab some air on its terraces. But in search of a good cocktail bar, Siam Thai RestBar comes to the rescue. In this bar and restaurant they offer classic cocktails with flavors inspired by Thai cuisine.

Among the recommendations, the Artisian Siam Sour cocktail. Homemade syrup with different spices, cardamom, passion fruit, lemon, ginger… In addition to classic Mojito, Aperol and Thai Sour. And for other types of drinks, a good selection of beers.

Siam Thai restobar. Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 12am, Friday from 1:30pm to 12am, Saturday from 1pm to 12am and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.



Jerónimo is a bar-restaurant that takes inspiration from Lima’s cuisine, but it’s a Chilean version of Lima’s restaurant, Jerónimo Restaurante. Its drinks include excellent Chilean wines, sparkling wines, or Pisco Sour.

One of its cocktails, is a version of the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, Mr Fashioned, with brandy, aged tequila, chancaca, pink and bitter grapefruit. Or the Mezcal Mule, based on mezcal, tequila, pink grapefruit, yellow chartreuse and ginger beer.

More recently, Jerónimo has launched his cocktail menu, which includes Tiki cocktails.

A good place to also enjoy excellent food such as roasts, hamburgers among other meals.

Jerónimo. Alonso de Córdova 3102.


Prima Bar

One of the reasons we want to show you Prima Bar is because it is truly one of the best bars in Santiago de Chile. It opened a few months ago in the neighborhood known as Providencia and was founded by Kurt Schmidt, the chef behind one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.

Therefore, you will not only find excellent drinks and cocktails, but also quality food. And furthermore, homemade alcohols, like a homemade vermouth. A place where originality and craft creations converge thanks to its raw materials, a factor from which they take their name Prima, spanish for raw.

Prima bar. Gral Flores 51, Providencia. Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:3pm to 1am. Thursday and Friday from 6:30pm to 3am and Saturday from 7:30pm to 3am.


Chipe Libre

If you’re looking for bars in Santiago de Chile to taste homemade pisco cocktails, this is the place. Chipe Libre is located in the Lastarria neighborhood. Its name, comes from the idea of an imaginary Independent Republic between Chile and Peru. That is why you will find in this bar and restaurant tastings from both countries. Pisco cocktails are a must in this place.

Chipe Libre, José Victorino Lastarria 282, Santiago.

Monday to Wednesday from 12:30pm to 12:30am. Thursday to Saturday from 12:30pm to 1am.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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