The Estupenda bar with sophisticated atmosphere recreates Twin Peaks in Madrid

In Malasaña, Madrid, the sophisticated Estupenda bar transports you to the world of Twin Peaks, bringing to life one of the most famous TV series by magical David Lynch.

If we tell you that you can relive situations from your favorite series in the Malasaña neighborhood, what would you say? Enjoying delicious brews, or a coffee and cherry pie in Agent Cooper’s best style?

The coffee bar project was born after the transformation of the Coconut Bar, by Silvia Prieto. In charge of the design and Raúl Bermudez of the menu. Her fanaticism for the series led her to create this café bar. It is indeed a tribute to the cinematographic work of David Lynch.

Estupenda perfectly recreates the phantasmagoric atmosphere of Twin Peaks. The bar does not overlook the visual details that most marked us in the series. For example, the black and white geometric floor, the red room, red curtains… in short. To enter here is to transport oneself to the universe of David Lynch and the mythical series that forever changed the perspective of television fiction.

The bar floors, like the first, recreates the Double R Diner. All the details of this place are recreated to perfection. While the second floor recreates the red room, with red velvet curtains and the geometric black and white floor of the underworld.

To delight you, Estupenda offers an Americanized menu: classic or vegan hot dogs, nachos with guacamole, popcorn, cocktails, brownies, smoothies and homemade cakes – without forgetting the famous cherry pie!

Estupenda Cafe Bar

Calle San Roque,14, Madrid

Open every day from 3.30 pm to 2.30 am.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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