Interview with Jason Griffin: the William Gray Hotel and bar in Canada

Discover the Hotel William Gray and its bar, contemporary and luxury in Canada, designed to enjoy a cocktail.

Some time ago we had the opportunity to meet with Jason William Griffin, at the time, bar manager of the William Gray Hotel. This very interesting hotel project combines characteristics of contemporary and luxury architecture.

The hotel opened in 2016 and gets its name after William Edward Gray. In the rest of the facilities the places are named after references. For example, the hotel’s restaurant, Maggie Oakes, who was William Gray’s wife. The specialty is local products and a variety of grilled proteins

Jason, shared his thoughts about the gastronomic pairing with alcohol to enjoy the restaurant menu, and recommended for meats soft Vermouth or red wine. As for the cocktails Jason explains that for each occasion, a different cocktail. The hotel lobby is a place for customers to enjoy cocktails.


William Gray Hotel

421 Rue St-Vincent

Vieux-Montréal, H2Y 3A6

Telephone: (514) 656-5600

Toll free: +1-844-576-5600


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.