Bar of the day: Bees Bar, Chef Narisawa’s Japanese bar where nature and humans converge

The bar of the day is the Japanese Bees Bar, a parallel project of the restaurant created by Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa. An ideal place for snacks, or to enjoy meals of any size.

Opened a year ago in (exactly in April 2018) the bar is very large and spacious. It is invaded by the nature that characterizes the Japanese culture Satoyama, where nature and humans converge. Thus, the decoration focuses on powerful images of the forest, ocean and mountain of Japan. All photos courtesy of Brazilian photographer Sergio Coimbra. A way to illustrate the Japanese nature sustainability project undertaken by Narisawa.

But if we come to this place it’s because tasting goes beyond cocktails and appetizers. A special gin is part of the Bees Bar: gin infused with natural extracts from Gifu Prefecture.

And finally, delight the palate with oysters, sushi, beef bowl, curry or ground rice. The quality is excellent, although many say not at the level of the Narisawa restaurant. No matter, satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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