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Best bars in Madrid to taste vermouth on tap: 10 addresses

Tasting vermouth on tap is the thing to do if you are passing through the Spanish capital, so we bring the best bars in Madrid to live this experience.

In this list, the best bars in Madrid where you can taste vermouth on tap because a walk through Madrid without vermouth makes no sense.

It is a perfect drink for the aperitif, for the end of the afternoon, or after lunch. The Vermouth on tap is easily available in Madrid, not only because of the popularity of this liquor but also because vermouth (along with gin) has always been the favorite liquor par excellence of the Madrilenian, even though it is available in other cities of the country, however less present than in Madrid.


If you want to venture into the world of Spanish vermouth in the city of Madrid, take note of the best bars in Madrid that we bring you below.

Let’s taste vermouth on tap! – list via El Debate


Bodegas Ricla

In addition to tasting vermouth on tap, in Bodegas Ricla you can accompany it with tapas such as anchovies, cod in oil and cecina.

-Calle Cuchilleros, 6


La Hora del Vermut

To find the bar you must go into the Mercado de San Miguel. Not only do they have vermouth on tap (of course Spanish), but also references from Italy and France. With tapas, preserves and pickles you can perfectly pair your vermouth.

-Plaza de San Miguel


Hermanos Vinagre

Hermanos Vinagre’s vermouth on tap combines tradition and modernity. You can also get them in the Chueca and Chamberí areas.

-Calle Narváez, 58


Bodega de la Ardosa

Very famous, Bodegas de la Ardosa was a network of establishments opened in Madrid in the late nineteenth century. Its beautiful red façade with antique typography on Calle Colón is a trip back in time. Bar with tapas to enjoy vermouth with a selection of centenary bottles.

-Calle Colón, 13


Casa Camacho

One of the best bars in Madrid and a classic! As you enter you will see a wall full of barrels and taps of vermouth. Here you can also taste vermouth in a different way, especially with a Yayo, a mixture of vermouth, gin and soda.

-Calle de San Andrés, 4


La Taverna de Angel Sierra

This bar is over 100 years old and little has changed since then. Interesting fact, Pedro Almodovar used the bar as the setting for some scenes of his movie La Flor de mi secreto.

-Calle Gravina, 11


Other addresses for tasting vermouth on tap in Madrid

Taberna de Corps

-Plaza de Guardias de Corps, 1


El Cantábrico

-Calle Padilla, 39


Stop Madrid

-Hortaleza Street, 11


Bodegas Casas

-Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona, 23


You can learn more about Vermouth in Spain and the on-tap tradition in François Monti’s article The Real Capital of Vermouth is Madrid.


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