How far will alcohol-free bars go?

Drinking less, or definitely drinking without alcohol, is a constantly expanding attitude. The United States, for example, leads the alcohol-free bars in an environment that does not envy a classic bar. Other cities, such as London, adhere to this “less is more” culture. Will the rest of the world be able to continue this legacy?

More than a decision, it is a philosophy of life and an approach to tasting. Drinking without alcohol, involves other factors such as concentrating on preparing a drink with ingredients that will replace the cost of alcohol. These elements of preference fresh and seasonal (or not), tend to be more expensive. But in consequence we will obtain a rich and quality drink.

However, there are non-alcoholic spirits, or spirits with a minimum level of alcohol that will not affect our health at the level of a classic alcohol. Brands such as Ceder’s, Brunswick Aces or Seedlip produce high quality gin distillates without alcohol. An alternative to the preparation of cocktails that want to provide a botanical taste and similar.


Alcohol-Free Bars

Among the non-alcoholic bars in the United States, for example, The Getaway Bar by Greenpoint in New York stands out. Owners Sam Thonis and Regina Dellea comment that the bar’s appearance goes beyond the fact of being sober. “We have the same amenities as a traditional bar. “The lighting, the music, the layout. It’s just a place where everyone is in the same boat, and you don’t need to explain.

Another bar, Listen, is an ephemeral bar that is installed every month in the Von bar. Here, they see that even people who do not follow a culture of sobriety join the tasting. Lorelei Bandrovschi, creator of Listen, says: “We are here to say that they deserve their own space and to be the star of the show. Making big non-alcoholic drinks is actually much more complex than making decent cocktails.


The future of Alcohol-Free Bars

After the success of non-alcoholic bars in the United States and even in London, the question facing the media in general is their success at the most international level. The owners of both bars mentioned above are rather positive about it. In fact, people from other countries who visit the bar are enthusiastic and highlight the fact that they have never seen anything like it before. A small hope to expand this culture.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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