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James Bond cocktails, here is where you can taste them

The James Bond cocktails feautring on the themed-menu at Harrods’ Baccarat bar is made up of six recipes featuring a special blend of Macallan whisky.

And it is at the Baccarat bar at Harrods, the famed British luxury department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London, where we can find not only the themed menu with James Bond cocktails but a cocktail at the price of £150.

Six cocktails have been made with a special blend of whisky from Macallan, now a partner of EON Productions, which makes the Bond films. The Baccarat Bar is certainly a sophisticated treat: mirrored glass panels, shiny and pretty fittings….

the new James Bond cocktails are served on jet-black menus designed for a fun game of espionage.

They provide you with a flashlight to read the menu and shining a light on the page reveals the hidden list.


A sampling of James Bond cocktails at Baccarat Bar

Cocktails include ingredients like black cardamom, ginger, fermented spices and split coffee milk liqueur, along with a dream of James Bond’s special blend.

Cocktails like the “Decade V,” Adam Bloodworth recalls, “is sweet, with a hint of lemon sorbet. It opens up into something with a much warmer mouthfeel, with notes of spice and marzipan.”


When and Where?

The cocktails and display items will be at Harrods through March 21.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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