Opening of Baker’s Cocktail Bar in Seattle is official

Baker’s Cocktail Bar recently opened on Sunset Hill in Seattle, a restaurant bar with culinary preparations by Seattle star chef Matt Janke.

Baker’s opened at 32nd Avenue in Sunset Hill on Monday, April 29. A place for fans of sophisticated cocktails and good food for dining and food pairing.

His bartender, Brian Claudio Smith proposes different cocktails at the bar such as Argentine Gin and Tonics, a Julep with Old Forester bourbon and a special cocktail called Signals From Above, based on Spanish sherry and ginger beer. Among other drinks, the bar offers beers and wines from local producers.

To accompany these delicious concoctions, Matt Janke’s kitchen proposes lamb meatballs flavored with an anchovy-olive braise, tartar with currant or manila clams with Calabrian chile and Thai basil.

Smith named the bar after Ernest Hemingway’s beverage partner, Charles H. Baker Jr. Baker’s. Baker’s is a space to bring communities together. In fact the bar kitchen is open allowing customers to inquire about the composition of cocktails and dishes.

6408 32nd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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