Pop-up haunted bar in Austin Texas

Our favorite season of the year is finally here with themed parties and original cocktails!

Located in the heart of Austin, the Craftsman is a refurbished bungalow house transformed into a neighborhood bar since 2015. It includes an extended patio, perfect for casual gatherings and after work drinks.

Starting from October 17th, this chilled-out bar will become a haunted house, where only brave kids are allowed!

Dare to enter into the only haunted house that offers creepy drinks prepared with seasonal ingredients and surprising garnishes. Each cocktail will be named after a scary subject. For example, the foam-topped “Billy Butcherson” is inspired by the Halloween film “Hocus Pocus”. It is prepared with home-made pumpkin butter syrup and citrus.

Another interesting beverage on the menu will be the crafted beer “Bride in Room #525”. Its name comes from a local legend on which suicidal brides are the main characters.

The Haunted Boozery Halloween Takeover will start from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am, and will last until Halloween night to celebrate with “spirits” and ghosts!

Are you ready for a Death on the Beach, please?…



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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