Dare to try Lebanon’s most cultural cocktails in Beirut

History and culture are two branches related to each other. If you love these two fields, you have probably experienced the pleasure of having a deep chat after a little bit too much to drink. Yes, that phase when you think you have the answers to all the current problems on earth… (at least that’s what we’ve heard it happens).

Feeling identified? Then we have the perfect bar for you. The Central Station Bar in Lebanon includes on its cocktails menu, ingredients related to the history and culture of the country. It is undoubtedly a good place to deepen in this regard.

However, you do not have to go to Lebanon to learn the secrets hidden in this interesting cocktail menu. From the beautiful capital of Beirut to your screen, Julian Youssef and Spirits Hunters bring it for you!

On its antiquity section, you will find a timeline with cocktails named after each civilization period in Lebanon’s history, including the original flavors of that moment in time.

Phoenicians at Sea: Tanqueray Gin, talisker storm, cucumber, oyster leaves, tomato water, lemon.

Ottoman’s secret: Star of Bombay, martini Bianco, yogurt, pistachio, orange blossom, flower water, honey, lemon

Roman Feast: Bulleit rye whisky, red wine, roasted wheat, orange

French mandate: Hennessy cognac, champagne, fermented apple, French absinthe, lemon

Furthermore, the Interim section includes cocktails inspired on the current food that’s eaten in Lebanon such as a Falafel cocktail.

The seasonal menu, as the name implies it, changes every season (every two – three months) with ingredients found only during that specific time of the year.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.