cities in the us for bar hopping

Two bar cities of the United States to do bar hopping

These cities, no matter how touristic they may seem, will offer you a very good bar scene for bar hopping!


Illinois, Chicago

They say Chicago is the best city for bar hopping. In the middle of the city you can find breweries and distilleries. In addition to dive bars, liquor/bar shops, spirit lounges, molecular gastronomy venues and a very modern tiki scene.

The neighborhoods to visit for the bar hopping according to Meredith Heil, are:

  • Logan Square
  • Bucktown

In Logan Square you’ll get the famous and award-winning tiki bar Lost Lake.

Further down in the same area, you’ll get Billy Sunday, a good place to taste amaro. Another more innovative bar is Young American, right next door. You’ll follow your way to Estereo, known for his mezcal creations.

At lunchtime, you can head to Paula Gee’s and then pass Whistler’s for good cocktails. Then head south to Lonesome Rose for tequila and Mexican food. You’ll head east to Bucktown, where you’ll find classics and well-known bars such as Floyd’s, Gallery Cabaret, Ed & Jean’s Tavern and Charleston.


Austin, Texas

This constantly growing city has positioned itself as a special place for technology, food and of course drink! The bar scene here is very substantial and is home to one of the best bartenders, bars, breweries and distilleries in the country. The ease of bar hopping here is that the epicenter of these venues is just a few miles downtown.

The neighborhoods to visit for the bar hopping according to Anastacia Uriegas, are:

  • Eastside
  • East 6th Street

East 6th Street is the area where the main bar hopping venues are located. For at least one kilometre you will find only bars. The recommended places are La Holly’s Patio to eat tacos and taste michelada. You can visit Last Straw for tropical cocktails.

Or for mezcal visit Mezcalería Tobalá, the secret bar up the stairs at Whisler’s. For beer lovers, try Lazarus Brewing or Zilker Brewing Company.

And if you’re hungry, there’s a food truck Spicy Boys. Here you can eat fried chicken sandwiches and chicken wings.

Finally, the places with good offers are Nickel City, for $2 beers and chili dogs. Kitty Cohen’s for ice cream cocktails. You won’t be able to leave without tasting pizza and cocktails at King Bee!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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