Room 309, the new secret bar to visit in Hong Kong

If there is a bar currently under the spotlight in Hong Kong, this is Room 309. It’s created by Antonio Lai, a renowned mixologist in the region. He has already distinguished himself in his field by participating in various projects including the Origin bar, where consumers can enjoy gin cocktails. The Envoy and Quinary which appears on the list of the best bars in the world also bear the imprint of Antonio Lai.

Room 309, a new project by Antonio Lai

The idea behind Room 309 is to create a new space where guests can live new experiences while enjoying delicious cocktails. Designed in a speakeasy style, the Room 309 bar has a real interest with its slightly vintage and dimly lit frame that creates an atmosphere both mysterious and casual. The invisible menu and the transparent cocktails are part of the attractions of Room 309. The Whiskey Smash, Vanishing Watermelon Martini, and Where’s My Whiskey Sour are some cocktails that can be ordered. The bar is managed by Antonio Lai who draw upon his mixologist experience to make it one of the must-see places in Hong Kong.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly

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