Take your suitcase and get ready for a gin bar crawl across the UK!

To go on vacation, we need two things: time and money. If you happen to have both and… you like gin cocktails, you MUST consider the English gin trail designed by researches.

The route was done to create a map including the best 100 gin bars in the United Kingdom. The paths chosen were carefully studied to create the most efficient, safest and shorter way to get from one point to another.

It is foreseen that this genius idea will definitely give the British people something new to do for their spare time, it will increase tourism, and rise the listed bars incomes!

This new fun way to drink gin cocktails will take you a week to complete (a very “buzzy” week). It is recommended to do it accompanied with friends and don’ forget the designated driver.

Consider the budget as well, on which you must include: each bar’s original prices, gas, hotels, food and a ferry to the final destination in Northern Ireland.

Vacation time? Now you can choose form the beach, the mountains or… why not a gin bar crawl in the UK?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly

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